Zion Private Sale

Dear Member,

Zion development has been in full throttle and our vision of making Zion a formidable, real usable currency is taking good shape. And, you are the primary contributor to this cause as a community is vital to the growth and success of the currency adoption process.

Unlike other too good to be true ICO’s with growing and suddenly dropping market evaluations, we have decided to build a robust, successful and thriving user community with merchants accepting the currency in a real-world environment. Our investments in cutting-edge technology are going to complement the plans we have in making Zion a household name.

And with that execution, market launch with exchange listing will not only be highly successful but also much more stable witnessing mostly the growth curves. Zion rates are expected to grow substantially in the months to come, and our team has decided to give a three days window to our existing members to buy Zions at a reduced price.

We are launching a private sale of Zion exclusively for Obtanix members at the rate of USD 0.8 per Zion before the currency goes into pre-ICO and ICO stage for the general public. The sale will begin on 18th of May, 2018 and will continue until the end of the day on 20th May, 2018 as per GMT timezone. You will be able to buy Zions from your member backoffice using your existing funds and already available crypto-currency options.

The bought units will be escrowed and paid out in 10 months with a monthly release of 12% making it a good 20% profit along with expected price rise benefits. This is a never to be seen again opportunity and is your final chance to buy Zions at this price.

We hope that you make the best use of the sale and see your earnings grow. Kudos!

Team Obtanix