Zion Development Updates

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Dear Members,

We hope you are doing well.

We come back to you with what’s latest in the world of Zion. Zion as a brand is in final stages of its development and will soon be a household name in the months to come. It’s happening fast, and it is to take the world of crypto-currency by storm! And you, as the initial contributor to this amazing currency stand to benefit the most out of the rise of Zion.

For your knowledge, here is a quick peek into some of our emerging and inter-related Zion concepts:

  1. Zion Acceptance

We are coordinating with thousands of merchants from across the globe so that you may pay for anything you buy ranging possibly from a needle to a luxurious mansion anywhere using your Zions. Our approach is to create a merchant network where Zions are accepted for every product/service need that you might have. We are also collaborating with regional players in our top markets so that fulfilment and delivery of the products are not just fast but also localised.

  1. Zion Mobile Wallets & Website

iOS and Android wallets of Zion are almost completed and will be made available with the launch of a brand new Zion website. You will be able to transfer your available Zions in your back-office to the app and vice versa. The mobile apps are built using next-generation technology with sophisticated algorithms keeping security, simplicity and ease of use in mind.

The launch event will unveil the website and apps both to the world which will be announced soon.

  1. Zion Pay & POS

A currency stands good only when it’s used in the real-world environment. Evaluation is utmost important, but the evaluation alone with no real significance does not add to the currency’s long-term growth. Our vision is to empower Zion to be accepted at thousands of retail stores worldwide while Zion Pay turns your phone into a bank.

Zion POS is the hardware that will be installed within every authorised merchant’s payment system so that they may receive payments in Zion. It will allow you to pay for your purchase by a simple touch/tap of your Smart-device with the hardware. Zion Pay is a revolutionary application of the currency, which empowers you to pay at stores using your phone using NFC enabled technology. We are coordinating with retail chains and stores from across the globe so that you may pay for anything you buy at these stores.

  1. Zion Marketplace

Zion Marketplace will function as a platform that will allow you to sell your products with great ease while allowing prospective buyers to pay using Zion. ZM will work as an effective tool to create the need for adoption and awareness for the brand Zion.

Exciting isn’t it? Buy and sell products using an alternate yet booming currency.

We will keep you updated with launch and introduction of all these services as they launch. Stay tuned, a lot of good things are around the corner!

Team Obtanix