Zion: Bringing Merchants and Consumers Together

Dear Members,

Many thanks are in order for your grandiose response to the recent private Zion sale event. Though what gives us greater sense of gratification is that our members realize and acknowledge the value of Zion phenomenon just spot-on.

Quick, easy, secure, private, game-changer, anonymity and inexpensive are just some of the words that are paving the roadmap to success for this booming industry; however, if there’s one factor that’s keeping it from penetrating into the larger marketplace. It is the industry’s great lack of omnipresence, something that a forward looking cashless global-economy demands excessively.

Here’s where Zion is making a huge difference – by bridging significant gaps between its users. That said, we are pleased to announce to you that Zion is on a mission to join forces with regional and renowned brands in each and every major country so that you may use your Zion wallet whenever and wherever.

India – one of our fastest growing regions has been exhibiting a great deal of potential for a change in how it transacts on a daily basis and is thus one of the firsts to on our list to undergo this financial facelift. India’s colossal appetite for a progressive change has brought us to collaborate with merchants & established brands in our endeavour to make India a global retail-field where our members from across the wide world may use their Zion wallets without bearing common consumer qualms such as currency conversions, card limits, card acceptance, cash-worry etc.

Doesn’t this make you want to expect the unexpected?

We are very thrilled (and imagine you are too) about the future that is to unfold itself shortly. You will soon be notified of the new partnerships and brands where Zion will be accepted.

Stay tuned to our announcement section for more exciting updates on Zion.

Team Obtanix