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ИЮЛ 11, 2018

System Enhancement (Quantum Leap)

Dear Members, It is with great joy and excitement that we are announcing today a fresh, new and unique approach to the Obtanix membership and business plan. Home to many firsts, we at Obtanix have always set out to create an experience and platfor [...]

ИЮН 25, 2018

Important Update

Dear Member, Hope you are well. This is with reference to our last communication on system changes, which are to be implemented as a part of our Quantum Leap Program. You would be happy to know that the last and the most critical set of the sai [...]

ИЮН 03, 2018

QLP Update 2

Dear Member, We bring you another positive news today. Our team assigned with the job of Quantum Leap Program has completed a list of to-dos and changes which have been proposed to the management and stand approved as you read this. Within the nex [...]

МАЙ 25, 2018

QLP Update

Dear Member, We unreservedly believe that regardless of how unthinkable a new business idea maybe, it can never overlook the prominence of sustainability and evolution. Zion has been seeing new heights every day and this was by no means an outco [...]

МАЙ 25, 2018

Zion: Bringing Merchants and Consumers Together

Dear Members, Many thanks are in order for your grandiose response to the recent private Zion sale event. Though what gives us greater sense of gratification is that our members realize and acknowledge the value of Zion phenomenon just spot-on. [...]

МАЙ 18, 2018

Live Now: Zion Private Sale

Dear Member, As announced on May 14th, we are conducting a private sale of Zion units for a limited period of 3 days exclusively for Obtanix members. We are delighted to announce that the sale is now LIVE and happening as you read this. The sal [...]

МАЙ 14, 2018

Zion Private Sale

Dear Member, Zion development has been in full throttle and our vision of making Zion a formidable, real usable currency is taking good shape. And, you are the primary contributor to this cause as a community is vital to the growth and success of [...]

МАЙ 14, 2018

Quantum Leap Program

Dear Member, Greetings from the Obtanix Team. Over the past years, we have grown from a small team to a global brand with a distributor family of hundreds of thousands of members across the globe. The crypto-currency industry itself witnessed h [...]

МАР 16, 2018

Xenos: Final Extension

Dear Members, As announced earlier, today was to be the last date for complimentary Xenos allocation with new memberships. You would be delighted to know that on popular demand, we have extended the date from 15th March to 31st March 2018. Plea [...]

МАР 10, 2018

Announcing Leadership Retreats of 2018

Hey Obtanixians, We are back with a Double Bang! After the great success of our Singapore and Nainital leadership retreats, we bring you two more reasons to excel, thrive and conquer! We bring you two international Leadership Retreats this year [...]

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