Important Update

Dear Member,

Hope you are well.

This is with reference to our last communication on system changes, which are to be implemented as a part of our Quantum Leap Program. You would be happy to know that the last and the most critical set of the said changes is under testing right now and will be successfully implemented shortly. We will be announcing the proposed changes as well as the timelines this week, so you know what to expect when the newly positioned system goes live.

Front website along with many back-office functions are being overhauled as you read this, thus causing possible downtime in system processing and unscheduled website maintenance. Payout processing has been put on hold until the changes are complete to avoid any unmanageable and irreversible issue. Please be informed that the payout processing will come to normalcy after changes have been made and from there on all requests for payouts will be processed within 72 business hours as per our usual SLA.

We are confident that you are going to love the re-positioned and re-invented system and with that your business will take off to much greater heights.

Stay tuned for the updates and email us at [email protected] should you have any queries.

Team Obtanix