A closer look at who we are and what we do.

Roadmap to success

We began with extensive mining of Bitcoin & have since expanded to mining additional Crypto-currencies. Our journey has been marked with success because of the tireless effort of our team, maintaining the highest benchmarks in performance & professionalism. Obtanix has pegged its own decentralized Crypto-currency to be backed by gold, a solid & proven investment vehicle. Our business model combines extensive crypto knowledge, skills & technology with the power of direct selling to truly harness “word of mouth” branding and create awareness globally about this compelling digital evolution.

Vision, mission and values


To be the world’s leading Crypto-currency company meeting the highest standards of integrity & excellence while applying a sound & astute business acumen.


Our mission is to touch a billion hearts by enabling them to fulfill their life goals.

Core values

  • Trust: Living up to the trust & time given to us by all our Stakeholders.
  • Teamwork: Working together towards common objectives & shared success.
  • Innovation: Moving forward in new areas of technological & business innovation with self confidence & passion.
  • Integrity: Measuring success not just in terms of financial gains but also in terms of the respect, goodwill & credibility we build among all our Stakeholders.

Our approach


    Through Obtanix’ thorough & exhaustive research methodology, we identify from over 700 Crypto-currencies, ones that are poised to gain & grow at a much faster pace than other competing currencies. Given the relative newness of the market, we are identifying with hawkish accuracy Crypto-currencies with strong fundamentals that demonstrate a penchant to succeed.


    Our investments are focused on building exchange reserves of Crypto-currencies & also adding resources to our trading volumes. Obtanix is also committed to building an ecosystem around Crypto-currencies that have a positive outlook.


    Simply put, the investments Obtanix makes grow and multiply because of the rational decision making applied by our hardworking team that peruses vast amounts of data prior to making any decision.

We are changing the game

Obtanix is a game changer in a market that’s young and hungry for success & broad based acceptance. We have applied an intuitive intelligence in all areas of Crypto-currency management to ensure we are always on the front foot. In our quest to ensure customer success we have also introduced Xenos with each unit of Xen being backed by 1 gram of 99.99% purity gold.

Our highly motivated & talented team is working hard & with passion everyday to ensure the success of all our stakeholders by building a business model that is complete, cohesive & complementary.

Driven by passion

Putting together a dream team which complements each others skill sets & strengths took a lot of time & thought of our investors & founders, but having done the spade work & brought on board the leadership team, the founders & investors ensured that no stone was left unturned in terms of leadership qualities, expertise & performance of the A-Team.


Powerful international network

We operate in & serve a community that seeks to thrive in a world unrestricted by boundaries. While we are headquartered in Denmark, we have mining farms in Hungary, Poland & China and will be extending coverage to & development in Asia Pacific & GCC regions through offices in Dubai & Singapore. Our global value chain is indeed built on the strong support of a powerful international network that has placed their trust in us.

Gold standard guarantee

For several years, Gold because of its timeless opulence & agility was the backing system of currencies, printed by many governments. At Obtanix, we have followed this sentiment in letter & spirit by ensuring our investments are of Gold standard, and also our partnerships in service, business & technology meet the highest standards of value & stability.