Big things often have small beginnings.

Crypto-currency – the new buzzword


Cryptography is the science that’s used to try to keep information safe & secure. It is described by experts as a method of storing & transmitting data in a particular form so that only those for whom it is intended can read & process it.


Crypto-currencies answer the needs of the modern day as they combine convenience, computing & transparency. These decentralized digital currencies can be sent through the internet with open source software that any one can review & with records in a transparent public ledger, provide full disclosure & peace of mind to users.


Cash payments are inconvenient & a thing of the past. Today, Crypto-currency enjoys a broad-based appeal because of its convenience & reliability. Sending Crypto-currencies are as simple as sending an email.


A Crypto-currency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but designed to be exchanged digitally (in form of tokens) through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography.

Changing the future of money

Crypto-currency meets the monetary, investment & transaction needs of the modern, global citizen living in a fast-paced & demanding world. Crypto-currency was first created & designed to make a system that is superior to the fiat monetary system, which derives value from the relationship between supply & demand rather than the value of the material that the money is made of. Crypto-currency veers from other forms of digital currency (like Google wallet or Paypal) because there is no centralized bank or government body overseeing the transactions, making it decentralized, hence inflation proof.

It is easy & affordable to set-up a Crypto-currency account & having one enables users to cut out the middle man too & save on transactions fees.

A lot can be done

Crypto-currencies have come a long way since their early days in 2009 when the first form of acceptance came when 10,000 Bitcoins were used to buy a pizza. Today the value of the same number of Bitcoins stands at USD 6 Million. From buying groceries to cars & houses a lot can be done today with Crypto-currencies that enjoy the support of hundreds of well-reputed brands such as Expedia, Dell, Microsoft, Subway, Bloomberg, Virgin Galactic, WordPress, Rakuten & Overstock.

People are talking about it

The business of crafting money

Key among the governing principles of Crypto-currencies is that they should be free of the economic woes of any country & operate in a world without borders or brokers. The powerful operating backbone of Crypto-currencies, which includes mining, exchange & trading expertise permit them to live up to these governing principles.


With resources primarily dedicated to Bitcoin mining, Obtanix also mines several other Crypto-currencies at our state-of-the-art mining farms with hundreds of connected machines. We use best-in-class Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) for mining with hash rate of 14 Terahash / second (TH/s). Our focus on continuous improvement ensures we are constantly upgrading to the best available hardware innovation, thus phasing out older machines. We currently have mining farms in Poland, Hungary & China.


Just like Forex, huge profits are made when Crypto-currencies are exchanged in big volumes. Profits are amplified & made possible by Obtanix’ vast reserves of Crypto-currencies & years of successful investments experience that have created an attractive pool of Crypto-currencies, growing & exchanging at fast paces. Greater adoption of Crypto-currencies amongst people has lead to greater use & hence more exchange transactions.


Obtanix’ technology prowess empowers over 1500 business partners globally who in turn help hundreds of thousands of customers on a monthly basis exchange their Crypto-currencies for several purposes within seconds. Carrying out an exchange is a simple, one-screen transaction that can be done in real-time.

Through our services, both users & businesses exchange their Crypto-Currency immediately without any hassles of creating account and waiting for hours before such exchanges happen.


Crypto-currency trading is based on the same principles as trading Forex & is witnessing an exponential increase in adoption & circulation. Obtanix has put in place a best-in-class platform to trade & has set-up a 24×7 team to provide support anytime. We trade in almost all available currencies & see substantial movement of over 500 currencies through our platform every day.

Delivering values

At the end of the day it is about the value we are able to deliver to our members. Majority of our profits are distributed in the form of weekly returns to members who have placed their trust & invested in us.

Our stellar mining, exchange & trading activities permit us to give back most of the profits generated from our investments while also keeping members free from risk as Obtanix takes the exposure to unpredicted profits and losses. Our compensation plan gives members a sound investment vehicle that works for them, so they don’t have to.